10 online jobs for students: Start earning even in College

Online jobs for students

As students we all need money for alot of things at the University.

You need money as a student even if you are not the one paying for the textbooks and the tuition fee, this makes it important, that we should have some sources to be earning from. 

Even though it may not be a huge amount of money, but a decent amount of cash, it can help you in the raining days.

Many students get into some jobs,a part-time while they are still in college, or in the university, but along the way, these jobs act like obstruction in their academics. Why is this so?  because these jobs take their time.

Before a student should decide on getting a part-time job to earn some decent amount of cash to augment the ones have, the students should consider two things:


This relies firstly on the department you are in. If you are in one of the departments that is always busy, deciding on a part-time job that requires hours of the day, is a no-no.

One of the important assets that students should never joke with, is time. We all need time to study our books, attend lectures, go to the library, hang out with friends, and do some other cool stuff on campus.

So avoid jobs that will steal most of the time for schools, as it will have a great negative impact on your performance.


This seems like the first point, but availability in this context, is the time for the delivery; when the job requires your time, and when will your schooling require your attention, if this tally well, that part-time job is good for you.

If the time you will use to study is the time the job needs you, then that is not good at all.

Now you know how to choose a part-time job, what then are the jobs you should consider?

Having researched the various parts time jobs that students could do, while studying, I found out that online part-time jobs are best.

10 online jobs for students: Start earning even in College 1

Have you been looking for ways to earn a decent amount of cash while studying at College, or the educational institution you are in, I got good news for you. Online jobs are the right choice.

Online part-time jobs are just unlike the physical jobs at the local shop students can do.

You have the power to fix when to deliver your service; this makes it even cooler, you can meet your friends, go to the library, do a lot of things, while you still deliver your service and get paid too.

With all that said, what then are the common online jobs available for students in college, or in the University?

There are a lot of online jobs students can do and earn some cash.

Different ones with the different amounts they pay.

I will just be giving you ten out of the online jobs

1.Freelance writing jobs

There are a lot of websites that are ready to pay you to write for them.

Hey! They own the website, they want their website updated every day, but they don’t have the time or probably they want quick delivery that’s when you come in.

Do you love writing? If you can make good content, you are good to go.

You might ask while they want to pay me to write for them? Can’t they do it themselves? The answer is  Yes, but they want their website continually flooded with new posts, which visitors love, and that will not be easy for them, that’s while they are ready to pay you to work for them at your convenience.

2.Online Teaching jobs

If you are good at teaching, and you are looking for ways to earn online then online teaching is good for you.

Online teaching jobs are just easy to start.

 You just need to make a short video on whatever topic that you are interested in and good at.

There are well-known websites ready to pay you, based on how intriguing your content; that is based on how students enroll for the course, that’s how they pay.

If you are good at cooking, then you can make a video tutorial on it and whatever you like to do.

The major websites that you find such opportunities are Skillshare, Udemy, and Teachable

 3.Get paid to test apps and website

There Companies that are ready to pay you to get feedback from you from testing their apps and website.

They want to know to what extent users will be satisfied with their app and website.

It does not require much, you just have to create an account with them, with that, they will notify you when there is a test for you.


This is also an amazing source to earn money online. You just don’t need to become an expert to start earning from blogging.

If you do not know about blogging, you can check this post on blogging for beginners for everything you need to kick start blogging.

With a small  website and good content that visitors love on your site, you can make a huge amount of money.

When you get visitors coming and your traffic is huge, you can monetize your website and start placing ads on your site and get paid for the ads.

What about an affiliate marketing program.

You can become an affiliate member to any website and place the link on your site when visitors click on the link and lands on the company website and made any purchase, you will be paid by the company.

5.Start a YouTube channel

This one takes a lot of time before you start earning from this.

Everyone can start a YouTube channel and make money.

If you can post good video content, you can succeed in this.

Check this post on how to create a YouTube channel

In order to prevent fraudulent activities, before you can monetize your YouTube videos you need at least a thousand subscribers and some 4000 watch views, although there are other ways you could use.

6.Web development

This is another cool way to make money from the internet.

If you know how to build a website, like WordPress which most companies manage their site with, then you can earn from it.

You also need to know your way in coding and programming languages that are relevant in building a website like HTML, CSS and you are good to go.

7. Graphics designing

Do you know how to play with Photoshop or Adobe? Can you make a beautiful design that can draw people’s attention, then you can earn online with it.

If you do not have such skills, you can take this course on Photoshop, which can build you up in it, and you be good and fit for any job on graphics designing.

There are a lot of websites that will pay you to deliver your service; your skill in design, either to make beautiful designs that they can place online or even pay you to teach students who enroll for training online.

8. Online surveys

An online survey is also one of the ways to earn online. You do not need any skill to start earning from the survey website.

This best part of it, you can use you can easily use your smartphone for taking surveys for most survey websites.

Payment is made when you reach their threshold. If you are serious with them, you can start receiving payment within your first 14 days of being with them. 

There are a lot of survey sites you can earn from. Payment varies with different websites.

Some of the genuine ones that can apply for are:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Survey Monkey (This may not be available for your country)
  3. Prize rebel

9.SEO specialist jobs

Do you know a lot about SEO, can you make a few tweaks and get a lot of eyeballs on pages on any website, then you can be making cash from that skill online.

Various companies, Youtuber are looking for SEO specialists, who can increase the traffic they get on their website and YouTube channel.

 So if you are good at it, you apply as a freelancer in various websites like Upwork, and from there showcase your skills by creating a convincing portfolio, and this will make them come looking for you.

10.Data entry

Data entry is one of the online jobs that students can go into to earn online too.

It is one of the easiest jobs to earn online. Everyone can carry out a data entry job easily without any skill.

Data entry involves putting in some answer as a transcription from the data type into another form.

Now you know some of the online jobs you can do in college or in the university as a student.

 So if there are any of the above lists of jobs above that you can do, don’t wait, apply today and start earning.

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