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Google first page:12 things to avoid to rank your website on Google


Ranking your website on Google first page

Google first page is the desire of all bloggers; they like to get their website there. But not all bloggers see this desire achieved.

As we all know, of all the search engines like Bing and the likes, Google is the one that people use most, bloggers always try to rank better in Google.

Some bloggers are getting a lot of traffic to their website from Google because their website is on Google first page. While some get low traffic from Google because their site is far away from the first page. 

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The difference between these bloggers is nothing but what they do.

Getting your website on Google’s first page is not easy, one has to do some certain things and avoid certain things.

This post will make you understand why your site is not ranking on Google first page.

Google First Page:12 Things To Avoid To Rank Your Website  Google

Poor on-page optimization

Creating a blog post is more than adding a ton of texts on the add page text editor.

 It involves more than that. 

Many new bloggers think to create a blog post is just to click on add new to add texts or images and later click on publish. 

Search engine optimization starts from your website; the on-page SEO. 

Google will never pick up the site and place them on the first page with poor optimization. Always learn to improve your optimization.

High bounce rate

A high bounce rate can cripple your chance of getting on Google first page.  

Whenever Visitors come to your site and do not spend time on your site; they just scroll over the site, and it is increasing your website bounce rate know that your site will find it difficult to rank on Google first.

When you do not know how to retain the reader on your site, your site will decrease on website ranking.

Low domain Authority

Most of the websites, whose contents are on the first page, have high domain authority.

High domain authority makes Google hardly ignore your website; this will make you even rank for very competitive keywords.

Websites with a low domain or zero domain authority are scared away from the first page by the big boys (websites with high domain authority).

Zero or poor quality backlinks

You will never rank on Google’s first page without quality backlinks. Backlinks are the backbones of ranking.

High backlinks, higher ranking; nothing increases your domain authority than strong backlinks.

The majority of bloggers do not understand the power of backlinks. They just blog like that, without focusing on building backlinks for their website. 

Copying blog post from another website(Plagiarism)

One thing that Google hates is a website with contents that are copied, they enjoy penalizing such websites.

Every website with copy-copy content NEVER appears on the first page, NEVER! 

Originality is nothing, but a key to having your site loved by Google and other search engines.

Security has improved greatly in the blogging industry, that you can secure your contents so that whenever someone copies your blog post, they will never rank for it, so now you know why you should learn not to be copying posts just to get traffic to your website.  

Poor blog post(contents)

What speaks for your website most, is nothing but the contents it has.

Content is king as all bloggers will say.

 No matter how beautiful the design of a website might be, if it has poor content; blog posts that do not solve questions, and does not add value or anything to the reader, it will not find itself on the first page.

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Many do not carry their audience along in their blog post. They just forget them along the way.

If you do not know what your audience wants, if you do not know how to answer questions asked by searchers, Google will find it difficult to recommend you (your website) to anyone.

Short length blog post

One of the things that can push up your ranking is the length of your blog post. 

You can have a high-quality blog post and still rank on the second page with short length blog posts.

Search engines love it when you give a detailed post on any blog topic.

Do not be in haste to make a blog post; if you do, your ranking will be pushed down by websites that have contents that have a higher number of words on the same topic. 

Show search engines that you know the topic better than the rest of other bloggers so that they can open their doors to their first page for your website.

Low website speed

When was the last time you stumbled upon a website and you waited for long for the website to load so you can see the content? I am sure you can not remember.

One thing that I hate when I visit any website is having to wait for too long for the website to load up, those times if that happens, I just click away from the website and go to website in the same niche with similar blog content. 

Poor website load time can still reduce your chance of being on the first page of Google.

Poor keyword research

It is so funny, to know that some bloggers do not do keyword research.

I call keyword research the “soul of a blog post”. It is one of the determinants of the estimated page view you can get in a month or in a year.

But most bloggers pay no attention to this. They just blog especially the newbie to blogging anyhow without proper keyword research.

If you are the type that just creates blog posts without keyword research, it is time you stop, if you hope of having your blog ranking on the first page because keyword with high searches will drag your website down; as people come to their page from Google it adds to their domain authority, making Google and other search engines to prefer them first

Stuffing keywords

One thing is to do proper keyword research, another thing is how to use it properly. Many bloggers in order to increase their on-page Optimisation using Yoast or any SEO plugin, stuff their blog post with their focus keywords. 

Google has been around for long, they know when you try to do, so they just push down your website from the first page when they notice that. 

Focus keywords usage should not be more than 3% in your blog post, learn to adapt to it.  You can’t get all the green ticks on your Yoast on page Optimisation, all the time, if you are so obsessed with the green check, it can make it difficult for your website to rank higher on search engines like Google.

One thing you should not forget is that you are not writing for Google bots but for human beings,  so stuffing your blog post can make a blog post look less professional when you do so

Poor website layout on mobile devices

Most of the people that search for answers on search engines, do that with their mobile devices. When people come to your site and they get a horrible experience from the website they might not come back to your site.

Mobile-friendly websites are loved by search engines. When people find it easy to navigate your website on their mobile devices plus when you have good content, it can make them get addicted to your Website.

Unsecured website

I can not speak for all views but secured website ranks better than unsecured ones.

Websites without the HTTPS  are considered unsafe by search engines and by searchers.

Sometimes when I want to visit some websites which are secured, I get permission request notification that the website is unsafe and I will be asked whether to proceed to the website or return to safety.

All of these reasons mentioned above are some of the reasons why you not on first of Google.

Now you know why you some of the reasons why you are not on Google.

Let’s do a quick recap of all you have learned 

  •    Poor on-page optimization
  •   High bounce rate 
  • Low domain Authority
  •   Zero or poor quality backlinks
  •  Copying blog post from another website (Plagiarism)
  •  Poor blog post(contents
  •  Short length blog post.
  •  Low website speed
  •  Poor keyword research
  •  Stuffing keywords
  • Poor website layout on mobile devices
  •  Unsecured website

 So all you need to do is, get back to work, try to improve on areas you are lacking behind. 

When you continue with the improvement, with time your website will be on the first page, thanks for reading, remember to share this content.



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