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3 strategies to increase your website domain authority( DA) more quickly.


Domain authority

Domain authority is a program ranking score developed by MOZ software company, that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages(SERPs). It ranges from one to 100 score. The higher the score, the greater the ability to rank even for competitive keywords.

Domain authority plays a great role in SEO. In dealing with the Search Engines Optimisation (SEO) of a website, domain authority should never be ruled out.

With just highly optimized on-page SEO your website may not rank up to the first page of Google (the dream of every blogger).

Pro Bloggers do not joke with the power of a higher domain score. 

When I did a little research to see the domain score of the website on the same niche as my website ranking on Google first page, I found out that their domain authority is all very high; due to hard work they have done to achieve that, it then occurs to me that high domain authority is very important.

Google loves good content, but Google honours high domain score; it just can’t ignore those sites with good domain scores.

If you don’t know the domain score for your website, it is best you check your domain score; that is the number one step towards increasing your domain score.


To check your website domain score, it is a lot easy. You can use two methods to check for it

1.The Moz bar

You can check for the domain score of your website with the Moz free SEO toolbar.

It is a free extension for Firefox or Chrome. You just install it and you can easily see the gauge of your domain score easily. The tool also gives an analysis of your website ability to rank for  keywords

2.Open Site Explorer

This is also a free tool, you can use to check your DA. If you want to check your DA with this tool, you just go to research tool/SEO.

You will then enter your URL on the Search bar and click on search, you see the analysis of your website in no time after clicking on the search

Some important factor that Moz uses to calculate your website Domain Authority

  • Moz Rank
  • Moz trust

The Moz Rank

Moz Rank entails how well your website will rank based on Moz analysis.

It depends on the quantity and quality links pointing to your website. Higher backlinks increase the Moz Rank for your website. It ranges from 0 to 10.

Moz trust

Moz’s trust is similar to Moz’s trust but is calculated for every webpage. It also depends on the quantity and quality links pointing back to any page on your site from a trusted site.

Getting links from different trusted websites like .edu website or other recognized website or government website can help boost your website Moz trust.

 It also ranges from 0 to 10. An average website usually has a Moz trust score between 3 and 4.

Increasing your Domain authority is not that easy, and it does not just happen, it takes time.

Neil Patel one of my mentors in blogging stated in one of his posts:

“Today, the DA for Quicksprout (one of my other blogs) is at 77. But it took me eleven years and hundreds of thousands of links to get to that level”.

This is to show the hard work he has done to get to that, and the number of backlinks that he got to make it happen

If you want to increase your domain authority, know that it doesn’t happen within a day, it takes a little longer than you may think. But if you follow the steps I am going to teach you today, you will definitely achieve that your desire of getting high DA with time.

How to increase your website DA

  • Audit your backlinks
  • Create amazing content
  • Get quality links 

Audit your backlinks

Work on your links to ensure to remove low-quality links and those links which can decrease your DA.

Disavow any links from any low-quality website linking to your Website.

Take off every spamming link and those broken links from any webpage on your site and leave those helpful ones.

Create compelling content

This is the easiest way to increase your backlink. Learn to create content that your readers will love.

Read also how to create amazing blog post

Creating amazing content for your visitors is easy. You don’t have to be a professional to create the content they will love. 

You just have to show them that you know what you are saying. Another thing you should incorporate into your blog post is media. Photos and videos have a way to pass across the idea of your blog post to your readers.

Earn quality backlinks 

 Nothing speeds up your domain score than quality backlinks. Quality backlinks are the bomb. Get enough quality backlinks from an authority website in your niche.

Some important things to note in earning backlinks

1.As important as  getting backlinks you should not just get backlinks from any website, because those backlinks will succeed in bringing your website DA down as the DA of those websites fluctuate

2. Any backlinks you get outside your niche Google and other search engines may likely to ignore them, as they categorised them as spam or unimportant.

So if you are in the Education niche, and you succeed in getting a link from maybe a Relationship and Dating website even though, they may have high DA, Google may frown at them.

 3. Do not go into purchasing backlinks

Google has been around for long, so they will know when you do so, and they will penalize those pages with purchase backlinks

4.Do not go into getting backlinks from black hat website.

Those links will do more harm than good to your site. Learn to abstain from them.


I believe you now know how to increase the DA of your website.

Let’s do a quick recap of the important points.

  1. Audit your backlinks
  2. Create compelling content
  3. Earn quality backlinks.

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