If you are in any University in Nigeria, it is important to know the biggest, mistakes that most students make while in the University in Nigeria, so as not to fall, victims of these mistakes, that can ruin one’s future.

Indeed the university is a place of fun, where your parents are not there to lead the way, so many students fall victim to the bad things in the university.

These students fall, victim, because they get carried away by the fun in the university, others because of indiscipline fall into this category.

As they get into those things that come around them, they get to engage in those activities that can ruin their academics.
In this post I will be telling you the common mistake that Nigerian students make in their first year at the University.


Attending night parties

Attending parties at night is not wrong, but when a first-year always attends parties at night, it can jeopardize one’s academics.

Night party

The time that this student use in studying their books will be spent among their friends discussing things that will not help one’s academics.

Many students in their first year, probably see the University as their high school, where they can still do all give they want; things like partying, so they always honour every invite to any party both the ones at night, this has a great effect on their in their performance in the school.


This is really a serious matter, I see students who in their first year get involved in a relationship with their coursemates, lecturers, or any other, who come around them in school.

The time they will use to concentrate on their studies, are being wasted on the relationship; thereby reducing their time to study which leads to the failure of most students.

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Starting a relationship is not wrong, but doing it at the wrong time is dangerous. As one will in-between one’s academics and the relationship one is into.
What about cases of heartbreak, this has destroyed the lives of many students; most especially the female ones. This is because, the relationship was not laid on a solid foundation, and their minds were not prepared for such.

Skipping classes

The importance of attending classes cannot be overemphasized. Many lecturers set more of their questions from what they have said during classes.

Lecture class
But it is so sad to note that many students never regard the importance of this; they never attend classes, some even from the beginning until the end of a semester.
For some reason they stay away from classes. Some after they have done one evil decide not to attend classes so as to safeguard their life from their avengers, but this is a grave mistake as one who does not attend classes will be rob of important things said.

Joining a secret cult group

It is no longer news that secret cult groups always look for new members on campus.

They meet new students in their first year to tell them to join their group. After telling them the reason why they should join, the benefits they will get, they lure these new students into joining them.

Majority of students who are not courageous fall prey to this. As in certain cases, the cult group member will want to threaten these new students and out of fear, they just join.

Another group of students who join secret cult groups in the university in Nigeria, probably cultist before they gain admission into the school, so when they get into the school, they would want to roll with the other cultists, and to do that, they join the secret cult group in the school.

All of these are some of the common mistakes that the majority of Nigerian students do in their first year at the university. If you really want to excel in school, it is important that you should not get into any of these distractions while at the university.

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