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5 Unique blog ideas to grow your website

5 Unique blog ideas

Every day millions of websites are launched, tons of blog posts are published on the internet.

Some are in your niche, while some are in other niches.

As a new blogger, you want to get people to know your website. You want to get people to see your content, despite your competitors. 

 Now the question is, how do you stand out among all those bloggers ?, How do you get people to read your blog post, despite the great crowd of bloggers in your niche.

All over the internet, we have tons of blog posts created by bloggers, on ways to grow your blog. 

Those old bloggers will tell new bloggers, they should focus on SEO, with time they will grow.

But what if I tell you that focusing on SEO your blog won’t grow rapidly, or be unique in your niche.

Why? You might ask, the reason is that just want other bloggers are doing.

Don’t get me wrong, SEO is good, that alone won’t make your blog stand out in your niche.

To be able to stand out and have a unique blog in a saturated niche, you need to do what the majority of bloggers don’t do.

Gone are those days where you just need to focus only on SEO, posts on SEO are now even sagging,

With a lot of changes in the blogging industry.

In this post, I will be showing you tips on various ways to follow to make your blog stand out amongst other blogs. 

But before we get to it, let’s get some important information.

Today, if we want to be listing websites based on different categories, there are some websites, if we don’t mention them, our list is incomplete.

Let’s take for instance we want to list out websites on SEO and blogging tips, before we will list out the top ten we would have mentioned MOZ, Neilpatel, Ahref, and Search Journal.

How about if we go to a food blog, we will start by mentioning 

  • Food52
  • Serious Eats
  • PhotographyKitchn a lot of others.

Why is this so? 

These bloggers have made a name for themselves, they have made their voices known on the internet.

If you want to be successful as a blogger, you need to stand out in your niche.

I know, it seems difficult, due to the number of your competitors out there on the internet that has been there for a long time. 

But I want to assure you that even if you are just starting out in your blogging business, you can still be able to stand out in your niche.

What made websites like MOZ, Ahref, and Neilpatel and other bloggers you see dominating their niches, is the little secrets they have discovered, and they stick to it, repeatedly working and improving on them.

If they can do it, you too can do it even better than them.

Remember they once started just like you are now.

If you want to be exceptional in blogging, there are some key things, you must look out for, there are strategies you must follow to be unique.

Without further ado, let’s hit it.

Know your readers

Why are there lots of surveys on the internet from different companies for people to answer, why did they even go further to even pay people to get just their reviews?

They want to know what their customers want. 

Blogging is no different from it. 

Every entrepreneur can’t be successful without knowing what is the best selling, which can yield the best profit, and what can make a loss.

As a blogger starting out, one of the goals you must achieve is knowing who are those reading your content. 

I know it sounds pretty crazy, I mean how I even know my readers? There are a lot of tools that can help you achieve that easily.

Create quality content.

One of the goals of Google is that searchers get the solution to their queries, quickly and straight to the point.

That’s why they pay attention to quality quality content.

One thing that will increase your social sharing, backlinks from other websites, and even keep readers coming back to your website, is good content.

Content speaks for a website.

I saw on a website, that someone commented that a particular blog post is stupid.

I am sure the reader didn’t get what he wanted, after reading through the whole blog post.

Read also: how to create quality content 

You see what content can cause a website.

Every blogger has their own style of writing, which makes their blogs a unique blog.

Whatever niche you are in, it doesn’t stop you from writing a good blog post. 

Find whatever you are interested in, visit other blogs on the same niche with you, and look for the content that their readers get engaged with, join forums on your niche, to see the problems of people and make blog posts on them, and always give each post your best shot. 

Today everyone says that content is king, and that’s nothing but the whole truth.

This is because the first thing that will make users get addicted to your site is your content. This could be your blog articles or video content.

 Always learn to create content that will add value to your readers. 

Whenever they come to your site either through search engines or direct hits, let them enjoy every moment through amazing blog posts.

Quality content gives more traffic. 

You see, almost everybody knows SEO, but not everybody knows how to make quality content. 

Creating quality gives an edge over those bloggers because as people read your content and they enjoy it, they will like to share it, this will then increase your referral traffic, thereby increasing your website traffic.

Quality content is not about packing lots of text on a web page, but about being creative. 

And you must not have to be a professional to create one, all you need to do is give them something new.

Think differently

In whatever you are doing on your website, let there be uniqueness. 

Don’t let your content be like those on other sites.

Create content that they can’t find elsewhere. Even if you want to speak on something that is common, present it like they have not heard it before.

Always make use of powerful headlines

Headlines are very handy when it comes to creating good content. In Fact, good content is not complete without a good and powerful headline. 

Headlines play a great role in a website. 

It helps to determine whether or not people will want to click your link and read your blog post. 

The truth is there are no tools that will help make a good headline. 

Creating good headlines requires knowing some certain unique blog ideas.

  1.  Adding numbers to headlines attracts clicks.

Blog posts are classified into different categories, we have the list post and lots of others.

In the list post type, that’s where you use numbers in your headlines.

E.g let’s say we want to write on football let say, Messi, we can create a headline like:

  • 15 things you don’t know about Messi
  • 10 things Messi did that made him popular.
  • Top 10 achievements of Messi e.t.c

You see, I just created three headlines, from a keyword (Messi).

2. Your headlines should not be longer than 75 character

For the sake of SEO, don’t go beyond 75 characters.

It makes Google break your headlines whenever it is too long.

So try to work with 60 to 75 headlines characters.

3. Your headlines should draw curiosity.

Believe it or not, what made you click on that link the last time you searched Google, was curiosity, that the headline induced in you. 

There are ways you can make a headline that people can’t resist clicking on it when they search for answers on your niche.

 Let me explain it with two examples for the same focused keyword. 

Let say you are a blogger, and you are searching for free keyword research tools, and you saw these two headlines on the first page of Google, which will you click through : 

  1. 5 free keyword research tools
  2. 10 free keyword research tools(that aren’t garbage) 

90 % will surely click on the second headlines, due to curiosity

  1. Use headlines analyzer

Although there are no tools that can help you make a good headline, there are still great tools designed by developers to help you analyze your headlines. 

All you have to do is just type in your headlines, and wait for the tool to give you a request, their results are not the ultimate, but it does help a lot.

Use words that will draw curiosity, words like quickly, easily, fast, lots of them, people don’t want to waste their time, a good headline that explains what a blog post is about and also draws curiosity and does a lot of miracles.

Be consistent

When you are just starting out on a blog, there is this desire that comes with it.

You want to blog every day, you want to see daily visitors. 

But as time goes on, for certain reasons, as we get engrossed in other things, we become slow to put out new blog articles on our site.

Quality content takes time, but when you are involved in other things, there will now be a delay in publishing blog posts. 

That’s it for this tutorial, let’s do a quick recap.

1.Know your readers

2. Create killer content

3.Think differently

4.Create powerful headlines

5.Be consistent.

If you like this post, remember to share it. 

What other ways do you know can make a blogger stand out and have a unique blog that I didn’t talk about? You can share it in the comment. 

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