6 ways to impress your lecturers

What could be more exciting than having lecturers impressed by you? having them become your friend in the University?

As part of your success in the course lies on your lecturer, one should consider having your lecturer become your friend or even like you, which is a wise thing. 

One can easily get one’s lecturer to like him or her; by just getting to impress the lecturer with following some techniques in this post, that is all.

When you have your lecturer impressed by you, it will open their heart for you, this will then pave the way for a lot of benefits.


Why should you have your lecturer as a friend?

  • It will make them tell you important ideas

There are some things that the lecturer does not say in the class, either because they just do not want to, or for some other reasons.

But when you impress them it will unlock those areas for you.

  • It will make them be able counsel you

Outside lecturing you on the course of study, they can still counsel you on how to go about your study and your life.

  • They can even help you outside the school.

Who knows maybe in life, the lecturer may connect you with someone that may even offer you a job. You know, things these days, work based on connection and expertise.


How do you then impress your lecture having known some benefits tied to it?


Attend class on time

Develop the habit of attending lectures on time.  When you come to class early, you get to sit in a good seat.

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The back seat is always filled with distractions; students chatting on Facebook, playing music, and a lot of them, if you really want to impress your lecturer, come to class early, when you will be able to get a seat close to the lecturer, from where you can be able to hear him or hear clearly.

Become active.

Lecturers love it, when they ask a question, and a student stands to answer it.

Whenever your lecturer asks a question, just raise your hand and give the answer to the question. When you continually do it, your lecturer will get to notice you due to your performance in the class.


You carry with your studies anonymously without being noticed and still succeed, but your presence will not be felt, as you never exist, but when you begin to be asking and answering questions, it will make them know you.


So a student seeking makes friend with a lecturer, one of the ways such that such a student can earn their friendship is by performing activities in their class.

Appreciate your lecturer.

Appreciating them will go a long way in making them feel good.

After your lecturer has spent a lot of time in the class, you can just appreciate it at the end of the class.

This should be simple and should not be done at all times; it may raise an eyebrow.

Just a simple thank you sir/ma can help you in this aspect, it makes them know that despite the fact that they are paid, someone still appreciates their effort.

Greet your  lecturers outside class

Whenever you see your lecturer at a place outside school you can just walk up to him, and just smile and greet them.

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You could even introduce yourself to them, hey they may not know you, you can say, I am Peter in your whatever the course maybe. They may want to continue the conversation if that happens just play along.

After class hours

We have come to the last techniques you can apply to impress your lecturer. 


Meeting them after class hours. When you are not in one of the lecturer’s class, you can meet home and just ask more some explanation on the course he or she lectured at your back, or maybe you are having difficulty you can still go up to the lecturer, and ask for emphasis, doing this makes them feel you are serious, which can make them pay attention to you, or even become your friend.

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