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7 Stupid mistakes most bloggers make in blogging

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Often times a lot of bloggers especially new ones make a lot of mistakes in blogging.

Most new bloggers start their blog on the wrong foot due to a bunch of unhealthy blog posts from confused bloggers, that they have absorbed.

They make a lot of mistakes in their blogging journey; this, in turn, robs them of many things that are essential.

Today I will be giving you a quick rundown of some common blogging mistakes that the majority of bloggers ( even old bloggers) make during blogging.

So this post is an eye-opener that will help you protect your blog from the major pitfalls that many blogs have encountered, which some couldn’t recover from.

Not consistently publishing blog posts

This one of the major mistakes that many bloggers make.

As they get occupied with some things they tend to pay less attention to their blog. When visitors start coming to your blog, and you develop the habit of posting at when will, it can reduce the traffic of your blog drastically.

When someone comes to your website and finds interest in your content, the person will definitely come back to check for new upload, and if the visitor keeps and checking and the visitor is not seeing any new post, only old blog posts, hey! the visitor will stop coming after some trials, this is the situation of most blogger who makes blog posts at when will.

Promoting blog with a few posts

Often times many bloggers because they want a lot of readers to start coming to their website, they make the mistake of promoting their website which has few blog posts. Wait till when you have a good number of blog posts on your site before you promote it.
But it so sad to see that the majority of bloggers promote their website with a few blog posts, just to get traffic.

If you are doing this, it will really be hard for you for your blog to grow, as people will just scroll over your post and just bounce off to another blog that is ready for blogging, this will then increase their bounce rate, which later affects your rankings.

Trying to write a perfect blog post all the time

I one time use to be making this mistake. Trying to be a professional writer, is also a mistake. By the fact, that one should make good content, you shouldn’t try to be a professional ALL THE TIME, your content at any level can help someone, for goodness sake you are writing for humans not Google bots.

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Whenever you try to be writing like a professional all the time, it will make you not to publish your blog post at the right time; as you will use most of your time to proofread or do whatever, if you are doing this, remember your readers are waiting for you.

Blogging only for money

I believe the first reason 95 percent of people get involved in blogging, is nothing but for money.

They have heard that there is money in it, so they go into it, and all their life on blogging is directed to how they can make some cool cash, they sometimes forget about their audience when they make in their content; they just create a blog post just to get views, this with time scare away their readers from their website.

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If you have started a blog just to make money, you will soon get discouraged, when the income is not coming again, or become smaller whether from AdSense or whatever advertising company you are in.

Not growing their email list

One of the things that new bloggers fail to do for their website to grow is not growing their email list.

They seem not to see the benefits tied to email marketing. One of the secrets of the top bloggers today, that make them have huge traffic on their website is nothing but email marketing.

They pay attention to building a huge email list, so when they create blog posts, before it gets indexed, and before organic traffic, they send emails to their subscribers, and from there, traffic starts coming.

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New bloggers spend all their time creating content, forgetting the need of building an email list.

Content marketing is good, all bloggers say content is king, and that’s true, but that’s not all, you need to go beyond.

Relying only on search engines for traffic

After some bloggers do keywords research and they write on that focused keyword that researched on, they just sit back and wait for search engines to index their content for organic traffic.

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One of the reasons for this great mistake is that those bloggers get overwhelmed by the number of searchers on the focused keyword, so they just relax wait for organic traffic.

There are a lot of ways you can get good traffic to your blog. We have social media platforms, email marketing, and a lot more, that you can get good traffic from, but those new bloggers don’t know this.

Not guest posting

Guest posting is one of the great ways to grow your blog.
Most bloggers don’t like the idea of guest posting, they think that their blog post is just too good to be on someone else website, I used to think that way, and if you are one those guys, you need to change that mindset.

There are a lot of things that guest posting can do for your blog that content marketing and even email marketing alone can’t do for your blog.
With guest posting, you can get a ton of backlinks to your site ( that’s from different websites that you guest post on) which can increase your domain authority.

It can also make you build trust with people as you communicate to them through your blog post, on the website you guest post on, and from there, they will start coming to your blog, they could you know, become your customer and purchase your product because they trust you, and a lot more because of guest posting.

Search Engines Optimisation has really changed greatly, and ranking higher has become difficult, with a lot of changes going with search engines. In this case, for you to succeed you need to follow the trend.

Bloggers that don’t pay attention to the new changes, will be left behind. A lot of websites have been dragged into the mud because of some common mistakes, that the bloggers did, that you need to avoid for you to succeed in blogging.

Improve your blogging skills today and avoid those mistakes, and you will see your blog growing.

That’s for this tutorial if you like it, remember to share this post for others, we will appreciate it.

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