7 effective tips to keep you awake while studying at night

Studying at night

At some point in college, in the university, we must learn to be studying at night. In school, there will be times, when we are just unable to read in the day, not because we can’t read in the day, but because we just don’t have the time in the day.

We get saddled in the day time with a lot of school works; from attending lectures to carrying out assignments and a lot of others. Before you know it, the time has gone far, and the only time to study is in the night, but that’s is the time your you needs rest, and at the same time, you also need to study, how then will you go about this?that’s why this post is prepared.

In this post, you will learn ways on how to study at night, without falling asleep.

Many students do not know how to study at night. These categories of Students whenever they set to read at night, fall asleep after running their eyes through few lines of their textbooks, these students if they do not study hard in the day, end up with poor grades.

Maybe you are one of them, or just want to learn how to study at night, you are at the right place in this post you will learn ways that can help you study all night without falling asleep.

1. Eat light food

Always avoid eating sugary and heavy food at night, when you want to study at night.

When you eat heavy food like riceĀ  at night, it will make you not to perform better in your night study.

It will make you feel tired and sleepy, as it will take a longer period of time to digest. But when you take light food will make you smart, and be able to read without falling asleep easily.

2. Choose a comfortable place

Get a place where you will be comfortable and be able to read without feeling any pain in your body.

If you really want to read at night, and you choose your bed as the place to sit down and read, believe me, that’s a knock off, you won’t read up to five lines of the book, you want to read before you will fall asleep, why?

Your brain will tell your body, hey! this is the place, where you usually relax and sleep, so your body will then start giving you signals, that you need to sleep not study.

So find a comfortable place where you can read, and not fall asleep. Use a table, and a seat. If this will still make you fall asleep, then just walk while you read.

3. Make notes as you read

Jot down important points on every passage you read. As you write them, it will get used to you.

Often times when I read at night and I start feeling sleepy, what I do is, I start writing down some of the things I have read, this keeps me from falling into sleep. It works a lot.
You could even use the notes for revision later.

4. Drink water

Always drink water in some interval of time. When you drink water, it makes you not feel sleepy. It also makes you not dehydrated.

Also, researches have shown that consuming water has a physiological effect on thinking functions that lead to improved exam performance. So learn to beĀ  drinking water in your night studying.

5. Avoid any distraction

If you really want to read at night, cut off any distraction from yourself.
Distractions like Facebook, don’t let them

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Playing music sometimes can be a distraction. This is because when you are playing music you might just be tempted to check something online and from go to YouTube or Twitter. Just turn off your phone.

This will keep your mind focus and ready for business, as you cut yourself off from all distractions.

6. Go for the difficult courses first.

When you attack the ones you find tedious, you will determine to understand it.

And you know, you will feel challenged to try and try till you understand it. Even if it is a question when are solving difficult questions it helps to chase away sleep, even if you don’t know this now, try it, you will feel the challenge that you will able to solve it.
After you have understood the difficult ones, then you can now go for the easy ones just to revise them.

7. Take short breaks

This will make help to refresh you. Take a short break to drink a cup of coffee or exercise your body.

After the break, you will feel a new surge of strength in you, for you to browse the textbooks and understand those areas that are difficult for you easily.

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After reading for some hours I recommend at most 6-8 hours of study, get some sleep. All work without rest will surely make you perform less in class or in an exam.

7 effective tips to keep you awake while studying at night
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