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7 ways to grow insane website traffic:you aren’t going to believe

Website traffic

One thing is to get a website and creating a blog post, and another thing is to get traffic to your website. By now, I believe you have gotten a website, if not check this post on blogging for beginners.

Having a website, putting content on your website, and having nobody to read your content, could be discouraging. It is like delivering a lecture in an empty room.

This is one thing that discourages most blogger in the blogging industry, it is having low or no traffic on your website, I know it is discouraging.

So if you want to increase your website traffic, this post I call the cheat sheet for website traffic is the key that can explode your traffic, and make audience cling to your website, and also make Google have no option than to love you and give you the honour of ranking your blog post on the first page, thereby increasing your organic traffic

The essence of the first page is nothing to joke with. 98% of people don’t go to the second page to find answers for their questions on Google, they always stop at the first page to get their answers. Ok now you know, this is why you must join the fight, to get your blog on the front seat, to get a lot of goodies.

Create good content

Content is king

Hey, nobody wants to come to a website, that doesn’t have valuable content. Creating content is one way to get visitors to your website. Many bloggers think to create content is to pack a bunch of texts on your create post section, and click on the publish button, is all.

There is more to it, so in creating a post, not just like other bloggers but creating it strategically can get you a lot of visitors.

If you want to know how to create amazing content, read this post on how to create blog posts.

Make keyword research

Before you put any content, on your website, take out time to make research on keywords.
You can create an interesting blog post, and still, that content will not show on Google search most especially for new websites.

You might want to ask why is it so, I guess, one of the reasons is your target keyword.
So now you see the importance of keywords on your traffic, it is therefore advisable that you make keywords research, using different keyword tools; some are free and some are paid. Amongst them is Ubbersuggest, Longtail pro and Google keyword planner

Work on your SEO

Search Engines Optimisation
SEO means Search Engine Optimisation.
Over the years, SEO has improved, for your website to survive you need to carry SEO along in your journey of blogging.

This seems overwhelming, as they have to pass through a lot of processes just to have content that will rank on Google.
SEO is divided into two types:
1. On-page SEO
2. Off-page SEO

I can’t this post to cover in full details SEO, but I am here for you, so I want to give some quick tips on the On-page SEO. Ok, bellows are some tips to remember.

  • Make keyword research
  • Use your target keyword on your title.
  • Use your keyword on your URL, meta description, and your image, link your content internally, and a lot more.

Build an email list

Building email list
There are many plugins you can use to create a subscriber form on your site.

When your email starts growing, you can get traffic to your site by email marketing; sending post updates, or promotional offers to your email subscribers.

When you are regularly sending emails to them, you will turn them into your regular followers; checking your blog will now become a part of their life routine.

Run advertisement to promote your blog

One of the common and major ways bloggers get traffic to their site is by paid traffic.

There are many ads you can run to promote your site.
Google ads or social media ads; like Facebook, forums like Quora. When you pay for traffic, you can get an insane amount of traffic to your site.

Guest posting

Guest posting as the name sounds is when a person ( the guest) makes a post on another blogger site, to get traffic to their site.

When you make a guest post, it is not out of place to put a link to your site, to also get traffic, in order to make a win-win.

A guest post must be a similar niche to your blog. Before you guest post on a site after getting the approval of the site admin, you make sure your article is error-free.

Get engaged in social media

Go social

When you get involved in social media, you will able to get to a lot of people to your site.
You will able to know the issues that are troubling them, thereby creating a blog post on it, which people and Google bots love. This will increase your traffic.

There are a lot of social you could use. Gone are the days you use them to chat and chat, now you got to use them to help your site.

You can use your Instagram stories to tell others about your site. What about Reddit, Pinterest, they are just too many, for you to use to get a decent amount of traffic.

Build backlink

If I didn’t mention this, this post is not complete. There are a lot of websites; both old and new, on the internet, posting similar content like those on your website, but you need to let make people know your website.

Let your voice be heard on the web, creating a blog, and doing the rest, can help but to get good backlinks to your site is are blessings.

Backlinks are thugs, they help to push the crowd(another similar niche website) from the way, and give your website a seat at the front or high table(Google’s first page)
No site ranks or appears on Google’s first page without a good amount of backlinks.

It shows backlinks get you organic traffic to your site.
Organic traffic is when someone types a word, let’s say “food recipes” and your site appears on Google, and they land on your site by clicking on your link, that’s organic traffic because it comes from search engines, and you don’t have to pay for it. Who does not like free things, well I do like free things, it, therefore, makes it important to build backlinks to your site.

Some of the ways you can build backlinks are by commenting, guest posting, and many other ways.

By now, you have known where your website is lacking behind, while your site traffic is low, and how to improve on your site.
Thanks for reading, remember to share this post, sharing is caring.

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