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8 free keyword research tools: Increase your traffic forever

8 keyword research tools

One of the things that bloggers should consider when making a blog post is keyword research.

Keywords play a great role in determining the amount of traffic we can get to our website.

 Before every blogger should write any blog post, the blogger must make research on the estimated monthly search on the focused keyword for the blog post. 

In researching the number of searches, the search volume of any keyword, there are a lot of tools that are handy, these tools simplify the whole process. 

All you just have to type in the keyword(s), you want to for the blog post, and the tools connect with other API of other tools and give you the estimated searches for the keyword(s).

Keyword research can also help with your website SEO. 

Oftentimes, I see many bloggers say that they have little traffic on their website, forgetting the place of in-depth keyword research. SEO has really changed, and this makes it difficult to rank on the first page of Search engines, but with good keyword research, you can easily rank on their first page. 

When researching keywords, you would see the number of searches, and not only that, you will see the volume of websites that have blog posts for that keyword, you want to want to focus on. This is where the fight is.

Keyword research will determine how well your website will rank for any keyword. When you focus on keywords that many authority websites have written on, your website will find it difficult to rank well for it. 

This is one of the reasons why those bloggers say that they have little traffic. 

When your website ranks for keywords, maybe on the third page on search engines, like Google due to the number of authority websites that have blog posts on that keyword, you may get low traffic to your site, because not everybody even goes to the second page of search engines like Google.

In dealing with keyword research for easy ranking on search engines, there two types of keywords you must know they are:

1. Competitive keywords

As the name implies so it is. There are keywords that will be hard for a blog to rank for.

Those keywords, if you don’t have high domain authority, in my opinion, you shouldn’t go for those keywords, it will be difficult to rank and get organic traffic to it.

2. Less competitive keywords

The other one is less competitive. This one is those keywords that people don’t usually talk about, searches for these keywords are low, so you can easily rank for these keywords as a low domain authority website.

 Traffic from search engines for those keywords is usually low. I guess you have now known why your traffic is at it is.

 What then are those keyword research tools?

There are a lot of tools, but I will give you only some of the common keywords research tools most bloggers use. They include:

1. Ubersuggest

8 free keyword research tools

This is a free keyword research tool that users can use to make research on keywords.

It has a lot of features. Ubersuggest can show the number of searches for any keywords, the amount of website ranking for that keyword, the website ranking on the first page, the average number of backlinks that those websites are using to rank well for those keywords and also it will show you how well, your website can rank for it.

To use Ubersuggest, you just have to go Neil Patel is the owner of the tool.


2.Google keyword planner

8 free keyword research tools

Google keyword planner is another great tool you can use for keywords research.

 It gives a lot of details from the average, minimum and maximum search volume, the top pages for the keywords, the ad and organic impression, it also rates the competition for that keyword, as either low, medium or high. 

 This is also a free tool, you can use to make keyword research for your blog post.


8 free keyword research tools

This is another free keyword research tool that you can use to look for good focused keywords for your blog post. It has a free version and a paid plan. 

The developer so made it good that you can still do a lot of research with the free version.

So when you type in a keyword, it will give you an estimated overall search volume worldwide for the keyword. 

It also gives a more detailed analysis, apart from the search volume, by listing out the websites that have written on that keyword that are ranking on the first page.  

Semrush is a nice tool, all bloggers must consider in order to dive deep into keyword research

4. Google trend

8 free keyword research tools

If you want to write blog posts based on current searches, then Google trend is the best for you.  This tool can make you know the keyword that is on fire.

This makes you get huge traffic to your website as you will get a lot of clicks from search engines, because of the high season volume.

These tools will make you strategic, as you can easily know when to make a blog post that can quickly get traffic to your Website with a little Optimisation, amazing right?, So if you want to create content based on current searches, Google trend will help you just with that.

5. Buzzsumo

8 free keyword research tools

This is also a helpful tool, that I also use with other tools when I am doing keyword research. 

This focuses on delivering the website that has written on that keyword, you want.

If you want a huge list of keywords, I recommend buzzsumo.

 It works based on the number of social shares. So basically what this tool does, is when you type in a keyword, it takes it in and pulls out websites that have written on that keyword, and it will make the keyword be in bold style.

 With the help of this tool, you can be able to make you create long-tail keywords that will attract clicks, the content that you will make that will drive you more traffic, and also more social shares.

6. Answer the public

8 free keyword research tools

Ask public works just like its name. You want to make a blog post, but you don’t know what your audience wants, so answer the public is the solution. 

Answer the public is a tool that scrapes the internet to get questions that are asked by searchers related to your keyword. 

With answer the public, all you have to do is just type in your focused keyword(s) and just sit back to get a ton of questions, that the tool will quickly pull for you. With this tool, you can be able to arrive at creating a good blog post that your readers will love.


7.Keyword surfer

8 free keyword research tools

 Keyword surfer is a free extension that you can add to your browser.

It has a lot of features that paid keyword research tools have, and it offers it for free.

To be able to use the tool you just have to install it, and you can be able to get all the features all for free.

This tool gives the estimated volume of searches for any keyword, and a lot of cool features, that can help you when researching keywords.

8. Wordstream

8 free keyword research tools

This is an amazing tool that can help get keywords that are related to your focused keyword.

It is really easy and fast to use, all you have to do is just type in the keyword, your niche, and your focused location or Country. Oh ! I forgot, this tool can also help you spy on your competitors, if you can think of any content or keyword ideas, these tools can save you the stress.

You can type in a competitor’s URL and get to see the content that is driving the highest amount of traffic to his/her website, from there you are good to go. 

So when you have gotten your list of keywords ideas, you then be able to create a quality blog post.

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