One of the major needs of many Students at any level in the university, is money.
As you move from one semester to another, one level to another, the demand for money, will increase. This calls for the need to save for rainy days. But many students don’t save.
So if you are among Students like that, this post is for you.
Today you are going to learn ways on how you are going to save money; whether you are in College or in the University.

1.Plan on your housing

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Plan on the place to stay in the University. Getting the right housing whether on campus or off campus, the you can afford, can help you save money.
But on campus hostel most times are cheaper than the off campus hostel.
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In planning on your housing you should consider this two points below if you are going for on campus hostel.

  • Share room with a roommate

Look  for someone can share your room with, who can split the rent with.

Doing this, will make you also have some extra cash, that would have otherwise be used for paying the rent if you are staying on your own.

  • Plan on your decorations

I know you want to try as good as possible to make your room comfortable and cozy.

But in doing that try to be wise on do not buy things that are not  important only go for necessary.

Take for instant, you are in off campus hostel and you bought a television, an air conditioning, I can’t speak for all views, you should not be using that.

2.Do not buy new textbooks

Old textbooks

You will ask to buy alot of books this will need alot money as a student.But you want to save money, what should you do then? Don’t worry I gat you 😊.

If you don’t have enough or you want to save money, but you need to buy your textbooks, go for used textbooks.
Buy used textbooks from senior students or from any where you can get one, this will be cheaper than new ones in the book shop.

3.Make use of the library

A girl checking books at a library

The library contains alot of books, so a wise students should not joke with it.Books that are sold outside, can be found in the library.
This make it important for a student to go out with one’s ID to get access to it, at anytime the need demands it.

4.Learn to be cooking your own food


Learn to stop always eating outside whether it is mr.biggs or whatever, you will be in die need of money with time if you continue.

Pre-made food are expensive, so if you want to save money consider cooking your own food.

Learn to cook your own food, even if you are not a good cook, or you do not know how to cook. With just a little practice you can know how to cook.

5.Plan on how you spend

List of monthly expenses

Make a list of how you are going to use your money each month. Prepare a list of your needs and your wants and needs the case may be. When you make a list, you can be able to make a wise use of your money.

6. Open a savings bank account

Picture of a bank customer care agent attending to a customer

Whenever there are extra cash, after making a list of your want and your needs take them to the bank and keep them there.

Keeping extra cash with you, you might be tempted to make use of it. Whenever it is in the bank, you can access it whenever you needs it.

7.Get a part time job

Part-time job

There are are alot of part time jobs that you can do, and it can not affect your academics.

There are freelancing jobs you could do; jobs like typing and alot more, you could even build apps if you can play with coding, and publish on play store, Amazon app store and many more.

8.Apply for a scholarship

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Look and apply for any scholarship around, who knows you just be lucky to be given one. This will get you off the bills or reduce the cost of living in the University for you.

There are alot of scholarship around, do not be like other students who believe that they cannot get a scholarship, that are alot of other students applying for the same scholarship program, pay no attention to such, apply to any scholarship, till you are lucky to have one.

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Ok that’s for this post thanks for reading remember to share and follow us on Facebook
Let me give you this quick tips, in trying to saving money, in the University, my advice for you is do not be hard of yourself by denying yourself, some basic necessities just to save money.

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