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Blogging for beginners: The Ultimate guide for starting a website

Blogging for beginners

Starting a website can be a bit difficult and less fun, if you do not know how to go about it; that’s why this post, blogging for beginners is prepared.

If you are not fed with rich information, on the trends of website building you, you cannot be able to make a solid website. Knowing the basics of blogging as a newbie to blogging is a good way to kick start building website

Often times, I see a lot of crappy post on how to start a website, I am a bit concerned to those, who are new to blogging, so I consider bringing up this post, as a crash course to starting your own website.
So if you do not know anything about blogging, this post is all you need to understand the basics to get your site on the web.

Blogging for beginners


There are a lot of reasons you need to start a website. But I will be giving you just a few of them.
1. To express your writing skills
If you are good at writing, you can start a blog. A website is one of the ways to get others to read and enjoy your piece of writing. These days people are addicted to their mobile phones, they could just stumble upon your site, from there, be visiting your site often for more content.

2. You can monetize it
Yes, you can make money from a website. There are a lot of ways to make money from a website. Ways like affiliate marketing, Google Ads, and a lot of others.
Before we dive deep into the juicy part of this post, let me clarify these two words


A website is a place on the internet where you store information on the purpose while you created it.
As the name sounds WEBSITE, a site on the web, where you make a post. An example of a website is Wikipedia.


A blog is also a website, but the difference is a Blog is a website, where you regularly post, update, and optimize your blog post.

So many people start their blog on the wrong foot.
What then is the right way to start a blog?


For the sake of this post, we will look at the fundamentals of blog building.
Below are all you need to start a nice website in 10 minutes after reading this post.
Your niche
Your domain name
A web hosting
A blogging platform
Create your first post.

How to start a website (A Blog)

What is a niche?

A Niche is a circle formed from your interest, your expertise, or knowledge, in which all the posts on your blog will revolve around. As this website is on Education, that’s while we create only educative posts.

Blogging for beginners

Your Niche must be on what you love, what intrigue you, what you are passionate about. Do not start a website on Relationship and many others, whereas you know little about, your blog will not grow, in fact, it will die.
Ok, that’s for niche, to get a niche remember you need this:
Knowledge on that niche


A domain name is the name of your website. The name of this website is Brightstudentblog.

You need a nice and easy to remember for your site. Also, your domain name should also reveal what your site is about somehow.

Let us say we need a blog on mobile (android phones) review we formulate a name like or

In selecting your domain name always go for .com extension like


There is no fixed price for a domain name. The cost for a domain name depends:
The extension
There are a lot of extensions. We have the .com, .org,, .web, .edu, .gov and many more.
The cost of .com is more than the others, but for .com always.

The domain company
Different companies have their different prices for their domain name registration we have a lot of web companies known worldwide like Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, Namecheap so if you have a Mastercard or a Paypal account, you can purchase a domain name from any of them.

We also have companies in Nigeria, like Domainking a reseller company, Smartweb, Justhost, these ones you do not need a MasterCard, you can use a verve card or even bank transfer.


Web hosting is the service provided by a web hosting company to house your website. A web host is where your website lives.

There are a lot of web hosting companies. Also, some domain names provided can also provide you with web hosting.

Web hosting can cost monthly or annually so choose the one you can afford. Not all companies offer monthly payment.

Some web hosting company are:
Some web hosting company in Nigeria are :

Smartweb and many other

The best some far on the ones outside Nigeria is Bluehost
and one of the ones in Nigeria is Domainking.
Mind you, you can also purchase web hosting from Nigeria, like Domainking,( I highly recommend this, so far I have been with them, I have not gotten any issues.)
When you have gotten the above requirement, you have now gotten a website, so let us move to the next two requirements.


A blogging platform is also called Content Management System (CMS), which you will use to manage your website. We a lot of them:
Magneto e.t.c

Some of the CMS needs a web hosting; that is you can not use them without a web hosting company for them, making them not to be free. Others the reverse is the case.

WordPress is most used CMS,
And also Blogger is the second most used. Blogger is free but limited.


The theme is like a notice board, on which all the information on your site is pinned. There are a lot of themes you can choose for your blog.

We have Astra, Oceanwp, Divi Brave, and a ton of them.
To install a theme you need to:
Go to Appearance
Click on Themes
Click on Add new
Choose the one you like. You can add a filter to make it easy for you to select

Click on Install
Click on Activate



Plugins are software that can help you to build your site. They are like superpower, with them you can perform specific actions each is created for.

Some can make your site load faster, some make your post shareable to social media and many others. You need the Yoast SEO plugin for post creation.

To install a plugin, go to plugins and click on add new


To create a post, you need to:
Go to post
Click on add new
Make a post on what you think can benefit others and when you are done you can click on publish.

Read also how to create a blog post
When you do not want to publish it yet, you can save it as a draft, by clicking on the draft.
Also when you have published your post you can preview it, by clicking on the preview.


Pages are different from blog posts. You need to create some important pages like the about page, contact page, privacy policy, and maybe the disclaimer page.

All of these pages are essential for your blog, it makes your blog look legit and it also has other benefits.

To create a page like the about page, privacy policy, and maybe a disclaimer page except for the contact page that needs a plugin.

You need to go to page and click on add new when you are done hit on publish.

With this, you have a nice website. Know this, your website is not on Google or Bing yet. But you can do that later when you have made enough blog posts. Follow us on Facebook
Thanks for reading, remember to share and comment on your difficulties.

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