Deal with that bad lecturer with these tips

The university is supposed to be a place where students are to be trained and raised by different lecturers, so as for them to become proficient, in their respective fields of study.

But this reverse is the case, our students are left in the care of bad lecturers, who instead of impacting the right knowledge in them, kill it in them.


At some point in the university, one will definitely encounter a bad lecturer in your course study. This lecturer could even be the one lecturing the important course in your department.


These bad lecturers make studies at the university for students to look discouraging.

This leads to poor performance at the end of the semester, for students who are unable to overcome this situation they find themselves.


Having seen this predicament, in the university, I made this post, which can help not only help students thrive in such an environment, and also help checkmate it for life.


Avoid all distractions

Stay focused


If you really want to improve or live above this situation that you find yourself in, in university, say no to all forms of distractions. 

Reduce the amount you spend on your phone or computer and pay more attention to your studies. Create more time to study those areas you find difficult.

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Whatever that will make you lose focus, just let it go and allocate more time to going to the library, group study and it will help to elevate from the level you are now.


Be punctual to lecture


Despite the fact that the courses seem like a hard bone to crack, or that the lecturer is making your study at the University a living hell by not giving clarity to his lectures, still, go to the class on time.


You might just stumble upon an idea from the lecture, that can help build your study.


When you are punctual to the class, you may see students who can help to solve the problem you are facing in that course.


Speak to the lecturer

Sometimes the lecture may not be aware of the problem you are facing. So you the students have to let him know your pains in the course he or she lectures.


Speaking to the lecturer should be done with wisdom, hey! do not go there and blame the lecturer, if you do, know your success in that course is already at stake.


Tell him you have a little challenge with this aspect of the course, make him feel your pain, ask if there is any way he or she can make more emphasis on the course so that you easily comprehend the course.


If the lecturer is a good one, he or she will seek to make adjustments for the betterment of all, so that you and all those in the same boat as you, will understand.


Speak to your advisor

When the lecturer did not pay attention to what you have said, you can meet your advisor for more advice.

They say two heads are better than one, letting someone into the problem, can bring more light entering into the problem, as you see various ways or methods to apply to solve the problem. 


Learn to speak out to your advisor, they are there for you, let them help you.


Speak up

Picture of a woman raising her hand for her to be called to speak

Whatever situation will find ourselves in life, there was someone who had been there and someone who had overcome it. 


Tell someone apart from the advisor who you know that can really help you. Maybe one of the best brains in the department, ask him or her how he or she can easily comprehend the course, ask for him or her to explain the difficult terms you do not understand for you.


Get the syllabus/ course outline

Get your hand on a copy of the syllabus and make use of the syllabus by reading the courses on the outline. 


When you begin to be reading the courses you will be getting what the lecturer is passing across even when he is just unable to make it easy to understand.


Reading on your own, speaking to your lecturer or advisor paying more attention to your studies with all methods that you may come up with as you grow and study in the University will boost your knowledge and increase your confidence in that bad lecturer’s course that looks intimidating.

Thanks for reading, commend the challenges you are facing and remember to share also. Cheers🥂

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