Passing Jamb and getting a good score look difficult if you do not know the right steps to take.

I see many people write this exam and get very low score at the end, which may not enough to get them into their dream school.
So today, I will giving you in this post the methods you can apply, whatever category you are,

whether you are have written before and for some reason you did not make it, or you are just starting out, you are at the right place.

So stay with me as I dish out for you, the steps, some of the method in this post may be what you have heard before now, but you can still re-learn it. So without further ado, let get straight to it.


If you are writing jamb, hear this good news, that jamb does not set her questions outside their syllabus

Click here  download the PDF format of the syllabus for any subject

That makes it imperative that you must have the syllabus, as someone who is preparing for the exam.

The importance of syllabus cannot be overemphasize, as it gives you confidence, that you are in-line, in that you are reading the topics that questions will be picked from.

As you use it you will begin to see the topics to pay more attention to in your study.


Whatever subject whose exam you are taking, get the recommended textbook for the subject.

The recommended  textbooks are always used for setting the questions for the examination.

So if you desire to score high in the exam, get the recommended textbooks, and for those in the sciences, I will urge to get new school physics and lamlad’s Physics in addition to the recommended textbooks.


The truth is that Jamb is out of exam questions so what they do is that they repeat questions, but they make it confusing for it to look tedious for you.

So if you have the past already, you on the right track. As it can help you, as you use it in your study.

So you might ask how do I use the past question in preparation?.

Ok, when you have study a particular topic using the recommended textbook, this when hard work comes in.

So when you read a topic using your textbook, you go to your past questions and check for questions on that topic you have read.

If it is a calculation question, try to solve it first, before you look at their solution or explanation, this will boost your confidence as you continue with it.


Timetable will help you keep to your study time. This will help you meet up with the required hours you for each day.

Timetable will also make you study the subject evenly. As you follow the timetable, you will be able to cover the topics in the syllabus if not for all the subject but for the importance.

In creating your timetable pay attention more to your weakness than your strength, those subjects that look difficult appear more in the timetable, so that you can be able to get over the difficulty before the exam.


Cultivate the habit of studying for long hours each day, try to study at minimum of two hours, each day.  but for the for those in the Sciences, my recommendation, is eight hours, and minimum is four hours.

These study hours may not be stretch, but you can divide it, into any time of the day.

Like the eight hours can be divided into two hours early in the morning, four hours in the afternoon, and two hours before you sleep.


Practice question, keep studying the topics even though you have study it before the exam, try to set exam for yourself.

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You can download android jamb cbt app on play store that are created in the jamb exam format, so that you can time yourself as you answer questions.

Let do a quick recap of everything:
Get the syllabus
Get the recommended textbooks
Get past questions
Study for long hours each day
Create a timetable
Keep practicing till exam.

As you continue with all the above steps you will be ready for the exam, you will definitely blast the jamb exam and come out in flying colours, hoping to see you at the top.

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Thanks for reading.

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