Living on campus vs living on off campus hostel:what they won’t tell you

On-campus vs off-campus hostel which is better? This is a question asked by the majority of freshers in the University.

If you are about to choose where to stay at the university, it is essential you read this post, before you make any decision on it.

Choosing a hostel; be it off or on campus, it or relies on you. What you like, what you hate.

Knowing the advantages and the disadvantages, will help you ascertain if you can stay in hostel on-campus or off-campus.

Hostel on-campus vs Hostel off campus which is better.

Advantages of the hostel on campus.

Availability of light.

The importance of light to students in the University, cannot be overemphasized; Students need light to study, cook, and a lot more.

Light is available in hostels on campus compare to off-campus; as most universities use generators to get stable light at Night.

This is not so for off campus hostel.

Availability of water

This is the second needs if not the first need of a student.

The school authority tries to ensure that water is available all the time.

Whereas in the latter, the availability of water is not guaranteed, there might be cases, Students will have to purchase gallons of water, so as to get water.

Security and safety.

The hostels on campus are safe and secured compared to the hostels off-campus.

Security men are always alert and vigilant in the school environment, this helps to ensure the security of the school.

Also Students always move around, their activities also help to provide security to all and sundry in the hostel.

Proximity to school.

Hostels off campus, are always far away from school, this can make you spend more money on transportation.

At times, lecture time, can in the morning, so as not to miss the juicy details of the course for that day, you have to fare yourself there.

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This is not so in the hostels on campus, which can make you get to class in time, thereby making you save money; that would have otherwise be used for transportation if you are in an off-campus hostel.

This will make you get a good seat in the class, where you can hear clearly all the lecturers have for that day.

It is cheaper.

This cost of securing accommodation on campus is low than that of the hostels off hostels.

Due to the fact that the hostel off-campus is comfortable than the hostels on campus result in an exorbitant cost of the rent.

It broadens your knowledge in other fields.

As you get to meet new students, from different courses of study and various departments, on-campus hostel, you get the opportunity of learning from different Students, there increasing your knowledge, as you learn also from their course of study.

It helps to develop your level of relating with others.

Different people with their different peculiarities.

In the hostels on campus, where you have more than Five Students in a room, you face different experiences, from different Students as a result of their characters.

As you relate with all of their peculiarities, it therefore, helps to build your level of tolerance, which will help you in life.

It will help to boost your desire for reading.

Often times Students come to a point, where reading looks meaningless and boring.

As the off-campus hostel, is filled with different kinds of student t

studious and the lazy.

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As you move with the studious set of Students in your hostels your appetite to study will jump back to life, that you find yourself even studying better than before.

Now we have looked at the good part of staying in on-campus hostel in_relationship to the disadvantages of staying on the off-campus hostel.

It is also important you know the bad part of staying on school hostel in- relationship to the advantages of staying off-campus hostel.

Hostel on-campus vs Hostel off campus which is better.

Disadvantages of the hostel on campus.
Lack of privacy

There is a lack of privacy in a school hostel.

As the hostel comprises of many students, one’ s privacy is not given a place to thrive.

Sometimes when you keep your property in the room you are allocated to before you come from class, some of your roommate who cannot just do without searching other property would have dug them out, from where they are kept.

Even when you cook on campus hostel one of your roommates may just serve himself, on your behalf.

What about putting on your clothes, sometimes, your roommate, may just wear your new clothes, that you may have not even worn, without your permission.

So if you are the type that value your privacy so much, choosing on campus hostel for accommodation is a wrong decision.


This is not a new thing at all, in the hostels on campus that phones, laptops, and other things are stolen every now and then.

When you wash clothes and hung them and fail to be vigilant on them, you may be lucky to even see one of the clothes that you hung; for they would be stolen.

Other times other students may even find their way into your room who may be friends of your roommate, steal your belongings.

It may lead to habit.

Evil communication corrupts good manner.
We see in the University, that Students with promising future that was gentle, studious, loyal and intelligent, when they were in the first level turn out to be the opposite of them, in the latter.

You might have roommates that smoke, those that do not like to study, those who chase girls around campus as if that is the ultimate goal in life, those that are cultists, if you are unlucky, to have them around you, as your roommate, you might end up becoming even worst than they are when they constantly come around you.


This is part, most students do not like in on-campus hostel, reallocation of hostels every year.

After every session, you must reapply for accommodation, again, and sometimes, you might get the same hotel, and will make you pack and move to another room.

This could be stressful at times.

But when you are in an and a campus hostel, you need not worry about, this, just to pay the rent and that’s all, so you don’t pass the stress of packing to a new hostel every year.

So that all for this post, let me stop here so that I won’t bore you with text.
Before that let’s do a quick recap.

The advantages of school hostel vs the disadvantages of the off-campus hostel.

  • Availability of light.
  • Availability of water
  • Proximity to school.
  • Security and safety.
  • It is cheaper
  • It broadens knowledge
  • It helps to develop your level of relating to others
  • It will help to boost your desire to read

Disadvantages of on campus hostel and the advantages of off-campus hostel

  • Lack of privacy
  • Theft
  • It may lead to habit.
  • Reallocation.                   Thanks for reading. Enjoy Don’t forget to share and follow us on Facebook.



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