10 Reasons Why Students Fail Examinations

The issue of students failing examinations these days is really alarming and so sad.  Students have now tagged examinations as a very difficult thing.

Most students after much works, after all their efforts they put into their academics, come out with poor results at the end of the academic session.

These students who are in this category may be intelligent but because of the steps they take, they become victims of this problem.
What could be the reason why I am failing several exams I have written?

Is the question in the heart of this group of students?
This post is about the common reasons why reasons fail examinations.

If you desire to stop failing examinations, knowing the common reasons why many students fail is a sure way to rise above that level of failing examination to a level of passing all examinations excellently.


Study to show yourself confirmed.

Most students never read up the main area for their exam, they probably glance through their textbook or what they have jotted down and would feel that they have read enough.

Before you study for an exam, you should understand the type of exam, it is important you note the question format of the exam, because different exams have their different question patterns, like in JAMB examination you would not be asked to give explanations or definition to a given term, but to select the right option out of the given the option.

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This is not so in WAEC or NECO examination because you will be asked to outline or explain a given term or even show calculations.

But the majority of some students never realize this, so they just read without having this in mind, and when they see the exam questions they are thrown off balance.


A past question is a picture of an examination.

It is a compilation of the last exams conducted by the school or the exam body.

It is very important you study with past questions for any examinations because practicing with past questions for the examination will help to boost your level of preparedness.

As your brain would become smarter due to the similar questions you will constantly practice, and thereby improving your ability.

Many students never study their textbook alongside their past questions, and they never get to know the question pattern of the exam prior to the examination.


When you allow yourself to be carried away by the feeling of you know all, you might end up crying out of an exam hall.

Most students are too confident in themselves that they don’t pay attention to tiny things that matter.

Did you know that due to overconfidence some students never read exam instructions?

It is good for one to have confidence in oneself but when you begin to see your idea or knowledge as the best you will not take relevant things seriously, which can make you not perform well in an examination.


When you don’t believe in yourself cannot be to succeed in an examination.

Everyone that falls in this category always performs poorly in an examination as he/she will never be prepared for an examination but rather hope on his/her friends to get an answer to any question from in the exam hall.

The desire to study will die in the individual and the academic performances of the person will be poor.

Another effect of this on the individual is the individual will lose respect from his friend as they will feel that he/she can never be able to write an examination without them.


This is what the majority of students face when they hear of examination.

The feeling of how the examination will be, always fill their mind.

The majority of students face this problem but only a few are able to overcome this feeling, while the remaining wallow in their fear.

This is because they have failed to prepare when there was still time to study, and when they see that exam is close they are overwhelmed with this feeling and this makes them fail the examination.


It is so sad to know that most students do not have the relevant textbooks they need to study with.

This does more harm than good as you will be rob of the needed knowledge in that course.

They are powerful tools that can help you to pass your examination for it covers your syllabus in that your course of study.

Getting more textbooks is a key to improving your academic performance; as you will be enriched with different explanations you will definitely get from them.

But some group of student fails to understand this concept so they just study with their notebooks and putting their academic performance at stake.


Many students are fond of the habit of not listening in class, they prefer to be chatting with their friends than to pay attention.

Other individuals, who have the desire to attend classes and learn, find themselves among friends that do not like attending class, and they get influence by them.

When the workload is still light and the semester is just beginning, when the course outline has just been given, many students never make use of this time, they party, they enjoy themselves and never make out time to study.

This category of students fall, victims of the above reasons, why?

They wait till when the exam is so close and when the work is enormous, it is that time they remember to pick up their book to study but the sad news is the exam is close, and they want to pass what will they do?

They work themselves out, and they fail to give sleep to their eyelids in order to cover enough topics before they enter the exam hall to write the examination.

When they go into the exam hall, their body will then start asking for its right (sleep), they end up performing poorly.


The success of our student lies in the hands of the teachers of the students; whether the teachers know what he/she is doing it will definitely have an effect on the academic performance of the student.

In a situation when the teacher who suppose to be passing the needed knowledge to the students to their understanding, does not even know what he/she is doing, what will be the fate of the students of the teacher when they are in the exam hall and all the question is as good as difficult?      I am sure it will be appalling.

As most students depend solely on what they are taught by their teacher, they engage in what I will be speaking on next, which is EXAM MALPRACTICE to pass their exam.


Before I will speak on this, I want you to take a cup of water before you continue reading.

This is a cankerworm eating deep into our student academic life, it is indeed a relevant matter for as at now 90 percent of our students hope on this to be able to write their examinations.

Even the society has presented it as compulsory things that all students must participate in to be able to succeed in an examination.

Different strategies have been made by students and even teachers or schools to help their students.

Examination malpractice does not pay.

Various exams have been canceled due to examination malpractice.

If you depend on examination malpractice to pass your exams, you cannot succeed in your academics.

As those who will be marking your scripts can easily detect answers written by malpractice, and can penalize you for this, and this can make you fail the examination.

Many students fail examination over and over again, even they prepare for the examination, they end up becoming sad after the results have been released, why is this happening?

The answer is not far fetched, the step they take in writing those examinations make them get the same result.

If you want to stop failing an examination, evaluate the steps you take, because a problem known is a problem halve solved.

When you have seen where you are getting it all wrong, you can then, be able to rise from the level of failing to a level of coming out in flying colors.

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