Top 7 tips to ace online examination

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As the day goes by, we see that colleges, educational institutions are changing the examination system. This is to curb some excesses of students and for other reasons. 

The usual college classroom tests or exams are now computer-based.

With this new change in the educational sector, examinations that used to be easy in college, are not tricky and difficult. 

Even the brilliant ones are now complaining due to the procedures, rules, and regulations they must follow to be able to pass these exams.

In Nigeria, there is one online examination, every student must take to be able to gain admission into the University. Don’t be shocked if I tell you that many students take this online examination over and over again, till they make it or give up for the unlucky ones.

You see, online examinations are not as difficult as you think. What makes students fail, is how they attempt these exams. 

You can’t do the same thing, the same way over and over again and expect to get different results, it doesn’t work that way.

Although online exams may be difficult, as most students see it, there are ways to attack it and come out in flying colours.  

In this tutorial, you will be learning ways on how to go about taking any online exams. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it. 

7 effective steps for acing any online examination

Prepare very well for the exam

This is the first and basic step in getting ready for any exam. 

Get to know about the format of the exam by studying with textbooks and past questions on the courses whose exam you will be taking. 

Every exam has a different pattern, know the one you are about to take and prepare for it.

There are tons of software and apps that are built in the form of online exams.

You can download any of those software or apps on your smartphone or laptop, and use them test your level of readiness. 

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As you study and practice with past questions, you will see that you become more confident to take the exam, as the exam day approaches.

Arrive early at the venue

Nothing will make you forget so quickly more than you can ever imagine than when you rush into the exam hall when you are late.

At such a point you are tense, your fingers will be shaking, your hormones will be acting at full speed, and you are trying to focus all at the same time.

 You see, you will spend some additional minutes in the hall, doing nothing, till you calm down.

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Always try to arrive at the venue early. This will make you know the environment even before the examination starts.

Be time conscious

It is not a new thing that online exams are timed. 

For every online examination, there is an allocated amount of time for it.

Try to work with time, when you are taking the examination.

 One of the reasons most students fail is because they can’t answer the whole question before the time elapses.

Online exams are not to test how brilliant you are, but how smart and swift you are. That’s why you have a limited amount of time to answer questions that are tricky.

Don’t spend all of your time answering questions that are difficult for you, leaving the other ones.

Don’t engage in cheating 

There are different types of online examination. We have an open book online exam and we also have the monitored online examination. 

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Do not engage in cheating in the monitored online examination, but in the case of an open book, you may be allowed to bring your book. 

Cheating we all know does not pay. So always try to avoid it at all costs.

Notify your instructors when you face any issues in the hall

There might be cases where the computer can just stop functioning properly, whenever that arises, do not hesitate to call on your instructors.

Some students when they face this situation, they try to fix their computer by themselves, but this does more than good.

Even if you are good with computers, don’t make the mistake of fixing the computer by yourself.

This problem happened to one of the candidates in one monitored online exam I wrote.

So this candidate, a female candidate, was writing and the computer she was working with, developed a fault, and stop functioning, instead of calling on one of the instructors, she decided to try and fix it meanwhile time was counting down, you know monitored online exams are always timed, that when the time elapses, all the computers automatically stop working.

So this candidate wasted most of the time trying to fix her computer until she finally called on one of the instructors after all much trials, and after everything, she only had only a few time to answer a lot of questions,

So tell me will she pass very well.

If you are in such a  case, don’t try to show your skill.

Revise your work

It is one to write an exam, and it is another thing to check your work for little mistakes in between your work.

70% of students revise their work in an exam, while 30% don’t even have the time to do so, or as most students do, when they see they know the answers to the questions,

they get overwhelmed and they just write and submit without checking because they feel they nailed it.

Have you noticed when you read a piece of writing, maybe a passage from your textbooks,

let say on Monday and you went back again to read that same passage probably on Friday, you will begin to see fresh ideas from that place you have read before? 

When you revise your work after answering all the questions, you have greater chances of scoring higher than when you just answer the questions without checking your work.

Revising your work will make you spot out those little mistakes in your work.

It can also help you modify your work, maybe there is something you wrote due to exam tension, that is wrong, when you see those errors, you can quickly correct it.

 This will then relieve you of stress.

Click on submit

Yes, I know you know this when you are done revising your work, submit to your work.

Never by any means click on submit when you have you have not answered all the exam questions. 

There was a case where a student mistakenly clicked submit when the student had not even gone halfway due to anxiety and tension. The majority of students fail their exams.

Now you know ways in which you can be able to sit for any online examination and pass very well.

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