In every school, college, classroom or lecture houses, where there are students learning,

there must be some students among the whole students, that will find it difficult to understand a particular subject.

This subject could be Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, or even English.

Over the years this has been a problem among the students, the majority of students are now taking it to be a norm that there must be one particular subject that one cannot understand.

This is debilitating the academic performances of students with this problem.

It is therefore pertinent that we look for ways to solve this issue, to save our students from this predicament they are into.

No matter how difficult you think a subject is, there are ways to tackle it.
In this post, I will be giving you what I call THE ANTIDOTES TO ANY DIFFICULT SUBJECT

Before I will give you the antidotes I want to tell you a story of when I was in high school, how I understood a one-time difficult subject called Chemistry.

When I was in High school, named International high school at Sapele in Delta state, after I left my former school, I was admitted into International high school.

I had a tough time comprehending Chemistry.

When our Chemistry teacher comes to the class, I will be just be looking at her, everything looks so blank, for I could not understand all she is saying. The funniest thing is, I was even ashamed to ask questions, because I thought as at that time as a new student, that they (fellow classmates) will laugh when I show my weakness.

All of this continues for two weeks in my new school.

Within these two weeks I felt like dropping out of school.

After two weeks I decided that I cannot continue like this, and I started meeting my teacher after classes, during free time, for more emphasis.

She( Mrs. Evelyn Tobore) started teaching me from the basics of Chemistry, and I began to comprehend it; this even made me be close to her, that my other classmates call me as that time her favourite.

In a few weeks I started analyzing some concepts of chemistry to my classmates, those around me who love chemistry. From then I became one of the highest scorers in any class. Those I used to lean on before, started leaning on me because I was now better than them.

This was how I overcame and now chemistry is no longer difficult for me again.
Below are the keys to understanding any difficult subject.

A fixed mindset

Whatever you do or say is a product of your mindset, how you speak, understands things, act, or react is how your mind relates.

Low self esteem, high self esteem, fear, confidence, or even timidity all comes from the mind.

The mind is an important tool in the human race, the difference between the rich and the poor is nothing but how they think; their mind.

Getting to understand a difficult subject depends on the state of your mind, how you see yourself plays a great role in you comprehending the subject whether you are a fast or slow learner.

To understand a difficult subject you need to have your mind fixed that you can do it.

You must not let your attention to be carried away by anything, be it the laughter from others at your weakness or another. Let go of those thoughts of that will make give up.

Think in the direction of your goal. I want to understand this subject, yes.

Pursue that goal, and when you do this, this will then create a channel for you to start absorbing the subject gradually, combining the other steps which I have explained below.


To be able to understand a difficult subject requires determination.

In your course of trying to understand the subject, distraction will come to make you lose focus.

Many people who try to learn any course never get to know whatever they want to learn because they lack determination.

Nothing good comes easily, it requires relentless.

People, who did great things in their time, were those who were determined in all they were doing.

Mark Edison who invented the electric bulb tried and failed many times before he achieved his goal, today his name is now a household name.

Learn to be determined to understand a difficult subject. At times it will be easy; other times the reverse is the case.

Know the basics

It is of paramount importance as there you will be exposed to those factors or the ideas that will help you get better in the subject, as you will advance.

Like if you want to learn calculus and do not go through the basics of the calculation in calculus, definitely you will never understand calculus.

No building is erected in a day, it begins with laying the foundation, and from there the other bricks are laid till completion of the building.

Having a solid foundational knowledge in a subject is a sure way to understanding the subject better.

Whatever subject you find difficult and you want to understand the subject, learn its basics, even though you think you have learned it, in the past; go back to refresh it and you will get new ideas that can help you to understand the subject.

Crave for more emphasis

Always seek for more emphasis on the subject you do not, be content with what you know about the subject.

Getting more emphasis on a difficult subject can be done in two ways:
Meet others for detail explanation

Do not be among the shy type or the proud type that doesn’t share one’s problem with others.

Whatever you are facing now, always know that someone has experienced it in that subject.

So when you take that problem you are facing in that subject to your course mates, classmates, friends or those around you that are experienced in that subject, you can be able to get the solution to the problem

Join a study group

Join study groups with the best brains that understand the course better than you.

Iron sharpens irons, joining a study a group can also help get more explanation to any difficult concept in any subject.

This will make you be able to comprehend the subject quickly.

As you will see people of like mind and others who are brilliant than you, and they can help you to see the difficult subject as an easy one.

Regularly study the subject
Spending time with something will make you know about the thing better.

There is no way you can get to understand a subject and you do not spend time studying the subject.

Study with relevant textbooks

Learn to study for at least two hours daily. Read recommended textbooks on that subject; as all the knowledge you need in a subject cannot be written in a textbook.

Learn to use different textbooks, this will improve your level of understanding of the subject.

As you seek to understand a difficult subject, explanations, and knowledge from different books on the subject.

Incorporating the above steps I call the ANTIDOTES TO ANY DIFFICULT, in your life will make you better in the subject that seems difficult.

Learn how to remember everything you read easily

This will definitely help you gain mastery in that subject over time.

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